(Please note: the consultation is currently expected to close on the 6th of September, 2020.)

The Commission’s working group on Health and Wellbeing is focusing on our health and wellbeing as a measure of a rich, successful society and will include consideration of mental health, our environment and tackling loneliness.

What should be the long term goal under this heading?
What are the key drivers of change to achieve this goal?
What are the key barriers to achieving this goal?
What are we currently doing in Scotland that works, and actively brings us closer to this goal?
What would be your advice to the first government of an independent Scotland?
What measures would the Scottish Government need to prioritise in a second term, and a third?

We ask for your email address, so that we can follow up on anything raised in your answers to this survey and so that we can keep you informed about the work of the Commission. We will not publish any individual names in relation to this survey, but we may publish anonymised extracts from consultation responses.  The full privacy policy can be found here.