The aim of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission is to deliver a route map to the real prize of independence - becoming a truly rich society, where we ensure that no one has to rely on a food bank to eat.

Building on the Scottish Government’s commitment to a Wellbeing economy, where we are as focussed on the wellbeing of our society as the performance of our economy, and where we judge our success not just by GDP but by the health and wellbeing of our nation, the Commission will set out how the proceeds of economic growth in an independent Scotland can be shared much more fairly and secure better outcomes.

It will demonstrate how we can use the powers of independence to end poverty, achieve full employment, and drive equality for all including by tackling rural and health inequalities.

It will look at how we can be a nation that sets a gold standard for equal pay, and creates opportunity for all of our young people as well as ensuring our older people do not face poverty and loneliness.

It will deliver proposals for a vision of independence that ensures a safe warm home for everyone to live in and a fair chance for everyone to get on in life, bringing an end to the shameful Westminster system which in 21st century Scotland leaves people without enough money to feed their families at the end of the week.

Working within the projected revenues of an independent Scotland the Commission will set out key actions that can be taken within the short, medium and long term to begin to deliver social justice and fairness for all.