The Social Justice and Fairness Commission was established by Nicola Sturgeon to consider options for independence, but also action that could be delivered now, to make Scotland a better place to live for us all. As we look to rebuild from the current crisis created by the pandemic, our work has a vital role to play in harnessing the very best ideas being discussed and distilling them into workable, coherent proposals. Some of these we could take forward now, while others would require independence.

The aim of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission is to deliver a route map to the real prize of independence. That prize is a fairer Scotland that values and cares for everyone who lives here, from baby box to grave, and in which everyone can fully participate and have the opportunities they need to flourish.

We have published a discussion paper ‘Reform of Social Care’. Feedback can be emailed to: or you can respond to the questions via the form.

"Reform of Social Care" Discussion Paper

As we recover and rebuild we must not return to the way things were. We can use many of the changes we have already embraced to create a fairer nation where everyone is recognised and rewarded for the contribution they make. 

The Social Justice and Fairness Commission will consult widely as we undertake our work, so that our recommendations reflect a shared vision of where we want to get to, and how best to get there. We want to harness the experience and expertise within the SNP and wider civic society, drawing on existing best practice – both here in Scotland and internationally. Although the Commission is an SNP initiative, we also want to lay the foundations of a cross-party consensus for the future of our country. 

Your views

You can feed in your views as an individual or the results of a group discussion, based on our consultation toolkit.

Download our consultation toolkit to facilitate a group discussion.

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Secure Income for All
Homes & Communities for All
Health & Wellbeing

Our Approach

The Social Justice and Fairness Commission has established three working groups, to focus on distinct themes.

Secure Income for All
Homes and Communities for All
Health and Wellbeing

Each working group will take a rights based approach and put tackling inequalities and opportunity for all at the heart of their considerations. The relationship between care and work will be fundamental to our wellbeing as nation, so care will also be a key consideration. 

The working groups will focus on how we use the proceeds of economic growth to create a socially just and fair society, but also consider how we protect the most economically vulnerable in leaner times.

The task of each group is to define a long term goal for the kind of society we want to live in, and to make recommendations to the first government of an independent Scotland to achieve that goal. 

Contact Us: 

We ask for your email address, so that we can follow up on anything raised in your answers to this survey and so that we can keep you informed about the work of the Commission. We will not publish any individual names in relation to this survey, but we may publish anonymised extracts from consultation responses.

(Please note: the Secure Income for All and Reform of Social Care consultations are currently expected to close on the 16th of October, 2020.)