The Citizens’ Income Feasibility Study Steering Group published its final report today, recommending a Universal Basic Income (UBI) pilot scheme in Scotland.

Commenting on the report Shona Robison MSP, convener of the SNP’s Social Justice and Fairness Commission, said:

“This report is hugely welcome and we will comprehensively consider its findings in the Social Justice & Fairness Commission.

“As a Commission, we have been considering different models to deliver a secure income for all – one which eradicates poverty, provides an adequate safety net, and also values unpaid work such as caring and volunteering in the community.

“A universal income is an instinctively attractive option for delivering on these aims but there are also significant questions to consider going forward about how it could be delivered and at what level, which is why the pilot scheme with support of all levels of government would be very welcome.”

One thought to “Universal Basic Income”

  • Bruce Strachan

    In principal I’m totally in favour of the UBI.
    However I’d be opposed if people who have spent years advancing their careers through really hard graft and or study were then fiscally fined to supplement those who either couldn’t be bothered..of were too drugged up or simply would rather be stealing and on the be ok…
    To tax hard working people more to finance them I’d wrong when so many uber rich people AND companies pay almost no tax..
    These groups should be where the UBI comes from…not from the common working folk…


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